Coronavirus Briefing: The marketing/communications community, eldercare issues and damning data

Prior to each of the roughly 472 viewings of Paddington 2 in my house during the last few months, I have cracked the same unfortunate Dad joke to the same groaning audience of two: “A second Paddington movie? Were there that many questions left unanswered by the first one?”

I bring this up because we appear to be talking coronavirus sequels (COVID-19 2: The Next Wave) way before the credits have started to roll on the first flick. In many parts of the world – and particularly in the United States – regions barely touched in April and May are reporting troubling upticks in infection rates. And given that we’ve made the collective decision to bust out of quarantine, there’s a distinct possibility that we’re gonna have a serious summer spike on our hands before too long. I worry. Wear a mask, please.

Meanwhile, Paddington 2 is one of the most preternaturally charming movies of the last half-decade and does more to lift my spirits than anything that isn’t slathered in ketchup. File away that one in the hot-take drawer, y’all.

This week’s Haymarket Media Coronavirus Briefing is 1,210 words and will take you six minutes to read.

The marketers and communicators

We’re biased, given what some of us do for a living at Haymarket Media. But it sure seems the marketing and communications industries have gone about their business smartly, responsibly and empathetically since this craziness began.

The Takeaway:

Many of these people and organizations have managed to find opportunity in unexpected places. They shouldn’t be over-celebrated, given the volume of job losses in certain sectors and geographies, but largely they’ve made lemonade out of lemons, so to speak. In many instances, it’s impressive to behold.

covid testing
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The testing

It seems intuitive that, to determine whether or not something exists, one might create conditions or operations that will lead to its proof or disproof, or to its acceptance or rejection – to “test” for it, if you will. Alas, coronavirus testing capacity still appears to vary wildly from region to region, which muddies a statistical picture that was opaque to begin with, and that’s before vaccine clinical trials have truly ramped up. Not great.

The Takeaway:

The more we test, the faster we get back to whatever normal is going to be.

Florida hits 100,000 mark as state confirms another 2,926 daily coronavirus cases
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The spread

Nobody truly believed we’d be close to KO’ing the coronavirus by now, but it didn’t seem too ambitious to think we’d be able to gently compress the curve, if not flatten it entirely. But although rates are declining in hard hit areas including New York and New Jersey, other regions are seeing spikes.

The Takeaway:

Once more, with feeling: Please wear a mask.

Walking down a corridor with help
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The elders

We’ve said it before: At some point, there needs to be a reckoning around our treatment of older, vulnerable populations during the coronavirus pandemic – and that’s to say nothing of the support staff at eldercare facilities. But, more than three months into this thing, the situation hasn’t improved to a point where anyone should feel remotely good about it.

The Takeaway:

Here’s hoping we address the issues immediately in front of us before we start assigning blame.

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