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This weekend is filled with holidays. Memorial Day in the U.S. honors the men and.

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It’s Wednesday — the inevitable mid-way. Let’s return our days to the planets they were.

Omnicom Group CEO unveils ‘3-phase’ plan for office return

A “three-phase” office return strategy has been put in place for the Omnicom Group network.

‘Big Tobacco’ using COVID-19 messaging and influencers to market products

Tobacco and e-cigarette companies have been accused of using the COVID-19 crisis to advertise e-cigarettes.

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More than three months into the coronavirus pandemic, widely acknowledged shortcomings with testing continue to.

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Havas Health & You is introducing a new Miami-based collective – Havas Mango – that.

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Describe two ways you expect your business will be permanently changed in the wake of.

Webinar: How to Rebuild Your Practice Now and After COVID-19

The following webinar is sponsored by the American Osteopathic Association, and will take place Thursday,.