microLED Neural Probes to Study Brain Activity in Living Animals

Optogenetics is a fast evolving technique that allows scientists to activate specific neurons within the.

Breathable, Stretchable Electronic Fabric for New Medical Wearables

Stretchable electronic technologies offer the potential to monitor the body over extended periods of time.

A Closer Look at Houston Methodist’s Technology Hub

During our recent tour of Houston’s vast medical research facilities, we visited Houston Methodist, one.

Adding Voice to Respiratory and Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis: Interview with Prof. Elad Maor

The field of telehealth is growing thanks to the steady growth in supportive technology and.

3D Face Scans Accurately Screen for Sleep Apnea

Researchers at the University of Western Australia have demonstrated that facial features captured from 3D.

11 Health’s Free Virtual Support Platform for Chronic Digestive Disease Patients During COVID Pandemic: Interview with Michael Seres, Founder and CEO

11 Health, a medtech company based in the UK and California, has offered 12 weeks.

NASA JPL Ventilator Goes From Development to On-Site Testing in 37 Days

Add the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to the list of groups that have.

Cochlear Implant Turned-On Remotely to Give Child Hearing

All sorts of medical procedures have to wait to be performed due to the ongoing.

Olympus High End EVIS X1 Endoscopy System Unveiled

  Olympus is unveiling its new top-of-the-line endoscopy system, the EVIS X1. The company hopes.

Microneedle Array for Universal Vaccine Delivery Developed

Microneedle arrays (MNAs) are a promising way of delivering vaccines into the body. They are.