WalkWise Walker Attachment Helps Seniors Stay Safe and Mobile

Falls have serious consequences for seniors, especially those who live alone. Medical alert devices can.

Butterfly TeleGuidance for Remote Ultrasound Exams During COVID Pandemic

Telemedicine has been around for over a decade in various forms, but the COVID-19 epidemic.

Reusable Textiles to Repel Viruses

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have developed a coating that can be used to.

ENDOLIFT® Lunch-Time Laser Lifting With No Downtime

Eufoton® is a leading Italian manufacturer specialised in developing and producing portable medical lasers. The.

Nanopropellers to Deliver Gene Therapy Into Cells

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Germany have developed powerful nanopropellers.

Wearable Device to Prevent Sudden Death from Epilepsy

A spin-off of Purdue University is developing a wearable band to prevent sudden unexpected death.

OssoVR Lets Surgical Training Continue Virtually Despite COVID Limitations

  Over the past few months, medical student and resident training has been severely limited.

VitalPatch Wins FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Cardiac Monitoring in COVID Patients

  VitalConnect announced that it has received FDA Emergency Use Authorization status for use of its.

A Multinational Effort to Reduce Neonatal Mortality: Interview with Dr. Maria Oden, Co-director of Rice 360° Institute for Global Health

According to the World Health Organization, 47% of childhood deaths worldwide occur in the first.

New Fluorescence Microscopy Technique for Nanostructure Visualization Within Cells

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a new technique to dramatically enhance the resolution achievable.