Telemedicine & Telehealth Emerge as Medical Marketing Opportunities During COVID

March 17, 2020, may well be remembered as the day the telemedicine revolution finally took.

5 takeaways from Hearst Magazines’ virtual Health & Wellness Summit

On Thursday, March 12, Hearst Magazines was scheduled to hold its Health & Wellness Summit.

WPP CEO Mark Read on returning to the office

WPP CEO Mark Read issued a memo this week laying out the plans for bringing the holding.

Coronavirus Briefing: Faces on screens, kitchen sinks as windows to our soul and the fierceness of flowers

This weekend is filled with holidays. Memorial Day in the U.S. honors the men and.

Coronavirus Briefing: Rebels, resilience and regulated testing

It’s Wednesday — the inevitable mid-way. Let’s return our days to the planets they were.

Omnicom Group CEO unveils ‘3-phase’ plan for office return

A “three-phase” office return strategy has been put in place for the Omnicom Group network.

‘Big Tobacco’ using COVID-19 messaging and influencers to market products

Tobacco and e-cigarette companies have been accused of using the COVID-19 crisis to advertise e-cigarettes.

A CRISPR-based, at-home COVID-19 test is set to arrive this year. Here’s what you need to know

More than three months into the coronavirus pandemic, widely acknowledged shortcomings with testing continue to.

Ad Council effort tells young people to be there for each other, even from afar

Times are hard. Stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines have altered important life experiences for.

Coronavirus Briefing: Bicycles, blooms, bright spots and bangers

Do you find yourself tearing up over the sight of empty grocery shelves? Unable to.