How comparable different stress tests are

Scientists use many different tests to investigate what happens in the brain in people experiencing.

Study explores neurocognitive basis of bias against people who look different

The “scarred villain” is one of the oldest tropes in film and literature, from Scar.

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Nitrous Oxide Adds Comfort to Urology Procedures

For patients looking for a more relaxed experience during procedures, Comprehensive Urologic Care is now.

CKD progression risk ‘modest’ with bisphosphonate use

Adults with chronic kidney disease stage 3b were more likely to experience a worsening of.

Aerobic exercise best for reducing delayed hypoglycemia risk in type 1 diabetes

Exercise modalities have varying effects in long-term glycemic response for adults with type 1 diabetes,.

Control, trust common themes for patients and nurses with inpatient insulin pump use

Control, knowledge, communication and trust are four themes patients and nurses focused on when discussing.

Imaging of a living brain can help clearly differentiate between two types of dementia

American actor Robin Williams had a neurodegenerative brain disease called dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB)—a.

Technology allows doctors to see beam field during radiation treatment

Dartmouth’s and Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC) is the first cancer center in the.