The Link Between Too Much Caffeine and Glaucoma

Consuming large amounts of daily caffeine may increase the risk of glaucoma more than three-fold.

Avellino Launches AvaGen as First Genetic Test

Avellino Launches AvaGen as First Genetic Test to Quantify Keratoconus Risk and Presence of Corneal.

Is Being ‘Hangry’ Really a Thing ― or Just an Excuse?

It’s one thing to crave a big meal or a bottomless bag of your favorite.

Localized Prostate Cancer Therapy: Interview with Shyam Natarajan, CEO of Avenda Health

Avenda Health, a medtech company based in Santa Monica, California has developed the Focal Therapy.

Cedars-Sinai, Rubedo Partner to Develop Targeted IPF Treatments

Rubedo Life Sciences announced that it has partnered with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, also in California, to.

Rare 2030 Action Campaign Pushing for European Plan for Rare Diseases

Eurordis opened a campaign, called Rare 2030 Action, that is seeking to establish a European.

What innovations could shape the future of orthopaedics?

Lloyd Hines looks at how advances in AI, surgical robotics, augmented reality and other technologies.

Bromelain Market to Exhibit Significant Incremental Dollar Opportunity During the Forecast Period

Derived from the pineapple plant, the bromelain enzyme finds various applications across different end-use industries..

New Licensing Pact Between ActualEyes & Arctic Vision

Arctic Vision of Shanghai and Japanese-based ActualEyes announced an exclusive licensing agreement for Arctic Vision to develop and.

Scientists Find Gene Mutation Linked to Exfoliation Syndrome

Exfoliation syndrome (XFS) is an age-related, generalized disorder of the extracellular matrix characterized by progressive.