The Hidden Deaths Of The COVID Pandemic

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Sara Wittner had seemingly gotten her life back under control. After a.

As Problems Grow With Abbott’s Fast COVID Test, FDA Standards Are Under Fire

In mid-May, the Food and Drug Administration issued a rare public warning about an Abbott.

Reuters report is another classic case study in how NOT to cover COVID-19 news

The statement that COVID-19 “has become much less lethal” and that “the virus clinically no.

Pharma PR appears as unvetted COVID-19 vaccine news in STAT newsletter

I’ve written about STAT’s Morning Rounds newsletter in the past, and criticized how STAT accepts.

The Costs Of Safely Reopening A High-End Restaurant

Like countless other restaurateurs across California and the nation, Alex and Charity Prestifilippo have been.

FDA app allows doctors to share real-world COVID-19 information

Doctors can now use the CureID app and website to report real-world experiences treating coronavirus..

Health Experts Link Rise In Arizona COVID Cases To End Of Stay-At-Home Order

With new daily coronavirus cases rising in at least two dozen states, an explosion of new.

A Teen’s Death From COVID

INDIANAPOLIS — It started as a normal day. Dawn Guest, 54, got up and headed.

If You’ve Lost Your Health Plan In The COVID Crisis, You’ve Got Options

The coronavirus pandemic — and the economic fallout that has come with it — boosted.

Breathalyzer to Detect COVID-19 in Seconds

Being able to tell, in a matter of seconds, whether someone is infected with the.