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A pharma graduate turned into a content writer. Her passion towards writing and enthusiasm towards marketing trends paved a path for her to become a writer. She Has prior work experience as a content writer for digital marketing agencies and Healthcare clinics.

Some global reaction to the news of US mass purchase of remdesivir

Canadian physician-researcher James Brophy of McGill University read the news announcing, “US buys up world.

Pharma brands tweak media mix to align with their stance on racism

Numerous drug makers publicly expressed solidarity with Black Americans in the wake of the killings.

Publicis reveals diversity data and outlines 7 actions to improve equality

Publicis Group has vowed to take seven actions toward a more inclusive workplace. CEO Arthur.

Coronavirus Briefing: Reopening goes awry, Remdesivir’s price tag and the point-of-care pivot

When COVID-19 first announced its presence at the start of the year, even individuals with.

Novartis, Pfizer among drug makers giving thumbs-up to Facebook ad boycott

Several drugmakers have signed onto the July #StopHateForProfit Facebook ad boycott and dozens of pharma.

Warning: early vaccine trial results don’t always stand test of time

“The drugmaker Moderna said on Monday that the first coronavirus vaccine to be tested in.

As Cases Spike, California Pauses Multimillion-Dollar Testing Expansion

In April, Gov. Gavin Newsom launched a multimillion-dollar state initiative to bring COVID-19 testing to.

Organic Healthcare Marketing: To DIY or Not to DIY?

Eventually, every digital marketing specialist hears this phrase from a current or would-be client: “We.

Essential Worker Shoulders $1,840 Pandemic Debt Due To COVID Cost Loophole

Carmen Quintero works an early shift as a supervisor at a 3M distribution warehouse that.

Gilead names remdesivir price

Gilead has named the price for its experimental COVID-19 treatment, remdesivir. There are several prices.