Author: Kritika Vanamali

Krithika is a multi-lingual undergraduate student, currently majoring in Chemistry. With a vivacious personality, she uses her unique and quirky voice to write fun and relatable content in any field. She loves anything to do with cognitive neuroscience and adores Brandon Sanderson and the Infinite Monkey Cage podcast.

Microneedle Patch for Delivering Stem Cells Into Tissue

Researchers at the Terasaki Institute in Los Angeles have developed a microneedle patch to deliver.

At A Time Of Great Need, Public Health Lacks ‘Lobbying Muscle’

SACRAMENTO — If there were ever a time for more public health funding, health experts.

Sound Waves Move Individual Droplets Inside Microfluidic Devices

Microfluidic devices are analogous to circuit boards, and they can be programmed to perform all.

Public Health Officials Face Wave Of Threats, Pressure Amid Coronavirus Response

Emily Brown was stretched thin. As the director of the Rio Grande County Public Health.

Printed Soft Objects for Shape-Shifting Biomedical Implants

Researchers at Rice University have developed a method to 3D print soft structures that can.

Federal Help Falters As Nursing Homes Run Short Of Protective Equipment

Around the country, nursing homes trying to protect their residents from the coronavirus eagerly await.

Ocutrx 8K 3D Eye Surgery Imaging System Unveiled

Ocutrx, an augmented reality (AR) start-up based in Irvine, California, is releasing an ophthalmology visualization.

For EMTs, There’s No ‘Rule Book’ For Facing A Pandemic And Protests At Once

Emergency medical services across the country, already burdened by the high demands of COVID-19, have.

3D Printed Liquid Crystal Elastomers for Mimicking Complex Biological Tissues

Researchers at the University of Colorado Denver have developed a method to 3D print liquid.

The Elevator Arises As The Latest Logjam In Getting Back To Work

When the American Medical Association moved its headquarters to a famous Chicago skyscraper in 2013,.