Author: Kritika Vanamali

Krithika is a multi-lingual undergraduate student, currently majoring in Chemistry. With a vivacious personality, she uses her unique and quirky voice to write fun and relatable content in any field. She loves anything to do with cognitive neuroscience and adores Brandon Sanderson and the Infinite Monkey Cage podcast.

Easy To Say ‘Get Tested.’ Harder To Do. Here’s How.

Will Bondurant decided to get tested for COVID-19 after attending three racial justice demonstrations over.

Patch for Melanoma Treatment to Make Chemo Easier, Painless, More Effective

Scientists at Purdue University are reporting a skin patch that can deliver chemotherapy into melanoma.

Same old, same old, with NY Times Well column – bisphosphonates for pneumonia this time

While the overarching theme may be the same – the puzzling editorial decision-making in the.

Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 2 Advanced Wearable Glucometer FDA Cleared

After a long wait, the FDA has finally cleared Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 2 continuous glucose.

Injured And Uninsured, Protesters Get Medical Aid From LA Doctor

It wasn’t Deon Jones’ fractured cheekbone or even his concussion that most worried Dr. Amir.

Medtronic Micra AV Transcatheter Heart Pacer Cleared in EU

Medtronic won the European Union CE Mark for its Micra AV pacemaker that’s delivered into.

Neopenda NeoGuard Wearable Vital Signs Monitor for COVID-19: Interview with Sona Shah and Assumpta Nantume

Neopenda, a medical device startup based in Chicago that has been featured on Medgadget previously,.

Pandemic Upends The Lives Of People With Disabilities — And Of Their Caregivers

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Stacy Ellingen, 34, of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, lost two of the.

Battery-Free Neural Stimulator Powered by a Magnetic Field

Researchers at Rice University have developed an implantable neural stimulator that is both wireless and.

Wealthy Hospital Taps Small Craft Breweries For Financial Aid To Buy Masks, Gloves

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — As Inova Health System sought donations in March to buy personal protective.